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Tee Shirts for Charity

Easy Fundraising For Your Next Event!
We'll Do All The Work and You Reap The Big Profits!

Let Jersey Girl Tees Design and Manage Your Tee Shirt Fundraiser
100% Risk-Free opportunity for charities, non-profits, church groups, schools teams or any type of organization
It's a great way to raise money and generate awareness for your cause.

Here's how it works:
  • We will custom-design your tee shirt message.
  • You help determine the sale price and the length of time your campaign will run.
  • We supply you with digital promotional materials (like: a flyer that explains the details of your fundraiser) for you to distribute to your group of supporters.
  • We set up a shopping cart and sell your tee shirt on our e-commerce website.
  • When the campaign ends, we will print the tee shirts and ship the merchandise to each individual who ordered. (They will receive the merchandise about 2-3 weeks after your campaign ends).
  • We will supply you with a list of people who purchased your product.
  • We will promptly pay your charity 50% of the net proceeds.

There is No inventory to worry about!
We print the exact number of tee shirts that were pre-ordered and pre-paid.
We handle everything and you earn 50% of the profit.

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